RemitIQ is a Software as a Service (SaaS) application that imports all remit files and displays the payment, claim, and adjustment details in an easy to use Check Register interface. The Check Register is easy to customize with a simple click and drag of the mouse. Users can even view the original files obtained from the payer to further research efforts. Claim payments and adjustments can be viewed in a clear EOB style view. There's no need to worry about HIPAA or HITECH as Remit iQ's compliant security model allows hospital administrators to control what information their people can access. All backed up in the cloud with AWS. We can even import historical remittance data over any timeframe. And it's all searchable with our Universal Search tool.


Standard is the introductory level of the Remit iQ product suite. All clients who subscribe to Remit iQ will have access to the web-portal with the following features:

  • The Check Register interface for viewing remits, claim payments, adjustments, and raw 835 (ERA) data.
  • Secure Cloud Storage for all remittance data. Accessible on Remit iQ servers, without storage or maintenance costs to IT.
  • The powerful Universal Search which allows users to find remit data simply by typing in a search box.
  • Automated Tools for uploading and downloading 835s in and out of required systems.


The Connector can interface with any 3rd party that outputs 835s. It allows Revenue Cycle departments to “Split” and rebuild any remittance by whatever their business requires. Connector takes the hassle out of contacting Clearinghouses, consultants, or in-house IT departments to make sure remits are split appropriately. The Connector features:

  • Virtual Checks which are new standardized 835s generated by Remit iQ per a provider’s splitting needs.
  • The Split Wizard which allows Rev Cycle analysts to pick and choose how and when their remits are split.
  • The Connect Adapter which interfaces with Electronic Remittance Providers, passing ERAs through to Health Information Systems.


The Reconciler automates the tedious task of reconciling Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) against Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) files (835). The Reconciler features:

  • The Reconciliation Queue which provides clients a work queue where they can review and release for posting remits that have been matched to electronic payments.
  • The Bank Connector which eliminates the need for Rev Cycle teams to manually view/download bank reports for any bank they choose to integrate with Remit iQ.


The Commander is the next evolution in Posting Rule Management. Unlike Hospital Information Systems (HIS) posting rules which utilize confusing interfaces or require “certified” developers, Remit iQ – Commander’s Posting Wizard puts the power in the hands of the people who know the solutions. The Commander features:

  • The Posting Wizard adds additional functionality to the Split Wizard giving users the advantage of making situational, data-driven rule changes for their remittance files.