Formerly Dephinitive Systems, Revenue iQ has not only perfected the automation of remittance and status transactions, but have performed deep analysis of the transactions and processes themselves in order to truly minimize manual effort. Our expertise in the areas of Cash Posting, EDI and SaaS model application development is second to none.

Our company was conceived to bring operational efficiency through process automation to the financial and back-office operations of healthcare providers. The cost pressures affecting healthcare in the US are well-documented and a matter of substantial national concern. When we deliver our solutions, we first listen to our clients, and take their budgets and priorities into consideration.  We deliver a combination of software and support. We can adapt our delivery model to meet your needs, and to touch as little or as much as you want us to impact.

While our historical reputation was built on supplementing deficiencies in legacy billing systems, we are increasingly seeing the need to help our clients prepare to migrate to more modern technologies, and to deal with pending regulatory change.